About Peter H. Dehnen

I am a lawyer by trade, and I’ve spent 35 years advising business stakeholders, managers, and supervisory board members on important business and career decisions. I am well-versed in German and international tax and business law, and I consider myself to be a professional and experienced mainstay for my clients. In short, I help them solve problems, and to prevent problems from arising in the first place.

I believe good counsel on international corporate governance is of utmost importance in this regard. This is where law and business intersect, extending beyond the one-dimensional plane (national) and reaching a multi-dimensional level (international). In today’s world, making a well-informed, responsible business decision is no longer possible without sound understanding of legal and business matters abroad. I have worked in large consulting firms in Germany, the UK, and the US and have learned to analyze and comprehend complex structures and situations.

For me, international corporate governance is more than just a profession – it’s a calling and a passion. I want to utilize my experience and international network to promote corporate governance in Germany, and contribute to Germany as an economic hub, the social market economy, and cohesion within our society. To this end, I am active in professional organizations, initiatives, and international bodies.

In 2012, I joined like-minded supervisory board members from Germany in founding a professional organization, the Association of Supervisory Boards in Germany (Vereinigung der Aufsichtsräte in Deutschland e. V., VARD). Shortly after, I was appointed to the boards of the European umbrella organization, ecoDa (European Confederation of Directors Associations), and the Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI). Since then, my work as legal counsel and in my appointed positions has grown increasingly multi-faceted and international.

I enjoy writing and engaging in dialog, organizing meetings, and bringing people together. All the while, I am constantly trying to picture corporate governance of the future in the age of Big Data, digitalization, cyber-attacks, and artificial intelligence – and how Germany’s dual corporate governance system can be strengthened to meet these challenges. I am always looking to engage policy-makers, members of the media, and other stakeholders from the international corporate governance community.

Most of all, I enjoy meeting like-minded individuals who join me in pursuing innovative solutions for society. There is so much to learn and do simply by communicating with others – at home and around the world. If you share my passion and interest in corporate governance, I’d be more than happy to hear from you.


I am married and the father of four adult children. I encourage dialog and ‘lateral’ thinking, and I consider myself to be a ‘transatlanticist’ – Washington, D.C. feels like a second home to me, next to my native Dusseldorf. I am a fan of the German football club Schalke and a member of the Industrie-Club in Dusseldorf.

If you encounter a corporate governance problem, feel free to give me a call (+49 211 4497 07) or drop me a note at mail@peterdehnen.de.